On Friday night, October 24, the criminal gangs affiliated with the clerical regime attacked a 24-year-old woman and in an anti-human atrocity splashed acid on her face. This crime was committed at 8:10 pm at the 3-way intersection of Malek Shahr of Esfahan by three criminals riding motorcycles who had their faces covered. One of the eyewitnesses identified one of the criminals as a member of the IRGC Basij force in that district.

According to further information received, one of the cases of acid attacks in Tehran took place on Tuesday night (October 21) in the street across from the Tohid Metro where criminals riding motorcycles splashed acid on the face of a middle-aged woman who was inside a vehicle. Over half of this woman’s face was burnt by acid.

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Photo: A man being lashed in public in Iran before being hanged, August 6, 2014. 

Iranian authorities in southern city of Bandar Abbas lashed a man in public in the city's main square for his online activities in social networks.

The head of the Iranian regime's judiciary in the province claimed that the man had published lies on social networks.

The young man whose identity has not revealed was lashed 74 times in public on September 24, the day before Hassan Rouhani making a speech at the United Nations General Assembly tried to show his regime is countering extremism with the “true message of Islam,” while the extremist and repressive policies continue in Iran.

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