A woman has received 100 lashings in the town of Golpayegan, central Iran. State. the punishment on 27 April. Najafali Alyan, the government’s prosecutor in the town, said the lashings were punishment for adultery.

A number of brave Iranian mothers of youths who were martyred in the 2009 nationwide uprising against the mullahs' regime have publicly criticized Khomeini for installing a regime which is murdering Iran's children by the day.

The mothers spoke out at a gathering in Tehran’s Shahriar District last Friday to mark the sixth anniversary of the death of Mostafa Karim-Beigi who was killed by the Iranian regime in the course of the 2009 anti-regime uprisings. Many relatives of martyred opponents of the regime and political prisoners took part in the ceremony.

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Amnesty International - Scores of youths in Iran are languishing on death row for crimes committed under the age of 18, said Amnesty International in a new report published today. The report debunks recent attempts by Iran’s authorities to whitewash their continuing violations of children’s rights and deflect criticism of their appalling record as one of the world’s last executioners of juvenile offenders. Growing Up on Death Row: The Death Penalty and Juvenile Offenders in Iran reveals that Iran has continued to consign juvenile offenders to the gallows, while trumpeting as major advances, piecemeal reforms that fail to abolish the death penalty against juvenile offenders.

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