The Iranian regime’s criminal judiciary hanged Bahman Varmazyar, a sports coach, in the central prison of Hamadan on Wednesday morning April 18. There was no private plaintiff in his dossier who was accused of armed robbery of a jewellery store.

Following the efforts of Bahman’s family to save their son from execution, the mullahs’ regime falsely reported on Tuesday that his death sentence had been stopped, but he was executed on Wednesday early morning.

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Evin Prison's infirmary refused to send Atena Daemi on the night of May 15, 2017, for treatment to hospital despite the fact that she is vomiting blood due to hunger strike.Atena has lost 14 kilograms since she started her hunger strike on April 8, 2017.Earlier, 18 women detained in the Women's Ward of Evin had written a letter to Tehran’s Prosecutor General, asking him to see to the condition of political prisoner Atena Daemi.

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THE HILL - In January, a young woman in Iran committed suicide. Now, sadly, suicides have become increasingly common among Iranian women due to a variety of social ills, including state-mandated misogyny. But, in Mahdis's case, it happened one day after she was released from prison. She was sexually abused by Iranian suppressive forces. At only 26, the aspiring engineer was taken into custody by intelligence agents on Jan. 24. She was not the same after being released.Her fate resembled that of a 23-year-old political science student who also took her own life after spending four months in prison.

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