Photo: A man being lashed in public in Iran before being hanged, August 6, 2014. 

Iranian authorities in southern city of Bandar Abbas lashed a man in public in the city's main square for his online activities in social networks.

The head of the Iranian regime's judiciary in the province claimed that the man had published lies on social networks.

The young man whose identity has not revealed was lashed 74 times in public on September 24, the day before Hassan Rouhani making a speech at the United Nations General Assembly tried to show his regime is countering extremism with the “true message of Islam,” while the extremist and repressive policies continue in Iran.

During his time in office, the number of executions has surpassed 1,000, many of them being carried out in public. Furthermore, many have been subject to inhuman punishments including amputation, in keeping with Khomeini’s 1982 pronouncement that he wanted a leader of his regime to be "a caliph who cuts off hands, flogs and stones to death.”

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