7th March 2023 - In a series of attacks, the regime has been making girls' schools across Iran the targets of Gas attacks. What started in November 2022, has now turned into frequent, almost daily, attacks on young girls. 

There are reports of hundreds of schools being targeted and several hundred, if not thousands, of students being hospitalized for poisoning symptoms and suffocation symptoms.

Anti-regime dissent and protests are on the rise as parents and the general public are outraged at the barbaric nature of such horrific attacks targeting the country’s children. The regime’s contradictory reports and state media denying the entire issue by placing the blame on bogus reasons are only fuelling the nationwide rage. Regime officials are concerned about this rising anger boiling into nationwide protests that may evolve into an uncontrollable phenomenon.






The initial attack began in the city of Qom on 30th November 2022, however this spread to Iran's capital, Tehran, a few days later in December. Now the list of impacted cities has grown to: Sanandaj, Ardebil, Gachsaran, Lar, Divandarreh, Sari, Maku, Tabak, Shahrekord, Dehloran, Mashhad, Urmia, Mahabad, Salmas, Marand, Isfahan, Andimeshk, Babol

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