15 Oct 2021 - Teachers’ nationwide protests took place in Iran in September and October. The coordinated and nationwide demonstrations spread to 40 cities and 20 provinces by September 25 when the schools reopened in Iran.

Thousands of teachers cried out their demands against Iran’s oppressive rulers on most days throughout September.

Women played an effective and decisive role in all those protests. Female teachers actively participated in at least 113 acts of protest during September.

Implementing the Teachers’ Ranking Plan was the most crucial demand of teachers during their protests in September. The ranking plan classifies teachers into five ranks based on their work experience, expertise, and competence. It applies to teachers with at least 21 years of work experience. Teachers get promoted one rank every five years. Those working in deprived, border, and nomadic regions earn a rank every four years.

Dozens of teachers have been put behind bars, including women. Nahid Fat’halian, Zeinab Hamrang, Zahra Mohammadi are among the teachers presently incarcerated for their activism. The former two contracted the Covid-19 in Evin Prison. Tehran’s Revolutionary Court recently summoned Mahboubeh Farahzadi, a retired teacher and a women’s and teachers’ rights activist.

“Free all imprisoned teachers” was one of the demands in the Iranian teacher’s nationwide protests.

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