Mothers of the martyrs of the November 2019 uprising held a picket line at Tehran’s Azadi Square to express their solidarity with the people of Khuzestan, especially with the mothers who have lost their children in the recent protests over water shortage in that province. They chanted, “From Tehran to Khuzestan, Unite, Unite!” and “We are seeking our rights, we will hold hands until [the regime is] overthrown.”

The mothers of the martyrs of the November 2019 uprising marched in Azadi Avenue and then went to the Sadeghieh Metro Station and continued their calls for solidarity with the protests in Khuzestan.

After the demonstration on Azadi Street, the mothers and families of the martyrs went to the Sadeghieh metro station to voice their demands. On the subway train and in the station, they openly continued their anti-regime slogans and held up pictures of their martyred children.

The suppressive State Security Force (SSF) attacked and assaulted the protesting mothers at Sadeghieh station to prevent the spread of protests and other people joining them. The mothers were savagely assaulted and arrested by the SSF and transferred to the Jannatabad SSF station – security division.

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