A young woman by the name of Sahar Khodayari set herself on fire outside one of the branches of the Ministry of Justice in Tehran. This came after she was denied entry into a football stadium to watch a match. The young woman had been arrested in March for attempting to enter Azadi Stadium. A judiciary official said she was charged with “insulting the public by defying the dress code for women,” and “insulting the law enforcement agents.”

Sahar's sister told the state-run ROKNA news agency that her sister was suffering from bipolar mental health disorder and has been under doctor’s care for two years, adding, “After my sister was sent to (Qarchak) Prison in Varamin, she was badly terrified and hurt emotionally until being freed on bail. They went to the courthouse to take back her cellphone. There, something happened and she overheard that she must stay in prison for six months. My sister set herself on fire because she was in very poor mental and emotional conditions. She is now in hospital in dire conditions.”

This case is one of the latest consequences of unnecessary and illegal restrictions imposed on women in Iran. Therefore, any arrest and detention of women for attempting to enter stadiums is considered arbitrary and illegal. The regime in Iran bans women from entering sports stadiums also attended by men, they are the only country in the world to impose this illegal restriction.

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