This rally, organised by the AWYAF, was joined by many Anglo Iranian groups and associations from across the UK in order to celebrate the role of brave women in the recent Iran uprisings.

It was also to condemn the treatment of women inside Iran for their prominent roles in protests, strikes. There have been a number of arrests and attacks on women since the uprisings began in December of 2017. they have been arrested, imprisoned and attacked on the streets for their peaceful protests against the compulsory veil.

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The PSW bill, Provision of Security for Women against violence, needs to be fundamentally revised otherwise it cannot be reformed. These are the remarks made by Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje’ii, first deputy minister and spokesman of the mullahs’ Judiciary Branch.

In response to a question on differences of opinion on this bill, Eje’ii said, “The PSW bill contained numerous problems so much that it could not be reformed. The solution is to draft a totally different bill or to reform the existing bill only in collaboration with the government.” (The official IRNA news agency – February 17, 2019)

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Iranian women's rights activists call for action by the international community to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its state-sponsored and institutionalized violence against women in Iran.

The clerical regime's Constitution and laws institutionalize violence against women and sanction the cruel punishments of flogging, stoning and blinding.

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