Mothers of the martyrs of the November 2019 uprising held a picket line at Tehran’s Azadi Square to express their solidarity with the people of Khuzestan, especially with the mothers who have lost their children in the recent protests over water shortage in that province. They chanted, “From Tehran to Khuzestan, Unite, Unite!” and “We are seeking our rights, we will hold hands until [the regime is] overthrown.”

The mothers of the martyrs of the November 2019 uprising marched in Azadi Avenue and then went to the Sadeghieh Metro Station and continued their calls for solidarity with the protests in Khuzestan.

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Political prisoner Atena Daemi sent a message out of Lakan Prison of Rasht rejecting the regime’s offer to her to ask for an amnesty. Defying the regime’s gesture, she said, "I believe that unconditional release is the right of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience."

Mr. Hossein Daemi, the father of political prisoner Atena Daemi, posted a tweet on May 21, 2021, containing her daughter’s message from prison.

Her letter reads: "Six of the best years of my life passed behind bars with much agony and torture because I stood up to criminals who have been pushing people towards poverty, jails, and death for 42 years. With utmost shamelessness, they tell me to write a request for amnesty to examine and set me free if they agree with it.

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