14th December 2022 - The BCFIF released a statement signed by 230 cross-party MPs calling for the UK government to show support for the Iranian people's popular uprising and to take actions to see that the regime faces justice for its crimes against humanity.

The statement was unveiled in a press conference on Wednesday 14th December, which was attended by Dr. Matthew Offord MP and Rt Hon. David Jones MP (Co-Presidents of BCFIF), as well as Steve McCabe MP, Jim Shannon MP, Rt Hon. Lord Dholakia OBE, Bob Blackman MP; Rt Hon. Sir Roger Gale MP; Baroness Verma; Dr Tahar Boumedra, human rights lawyer, former senior UN Official and member of the advisory board of the Justice for Victims of the 1988 massacre in Iran.

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24th November 2022 - Cross-party MPs and Peers held a meeting to discuss discussed possible steps by the UK to support the popular uprising led by women in Iran.

They welcomed UK’s recent sanctions and diplomatic protests in response to the violent repression in Iran and commended the UK Government’s commitment to hold to account the regime in Tehran for its deadly crackdown on protests.

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