On Friday, August 3, a young man from Karaj, Reza Otadi, was shot dead by the Iranian regime’s repressive forces during the demonstrations in the city, and a large number of protesters were also arrested.

On Saturday night, August 4, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Fars News Agency announced: “During last night riots in Karaj, one person was shot dead by unknown individuals, and 20 others were arrested. According to field observations of Fars news reporters, leaders of the riot were mostly selected from women this time.”

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We are pleased to report that political prisoner Ali Moezi was released from prison.

Moezi was a strong supporter for the ongoing protests which spread across Iran, his sentence was punishment for his support.

The regime added an extra year to his sentence despite his battle with cancer and ill health and yet he never ceased his struggle from inside the prison walls.

In the last week, more protests on a national scale have broken out across many cities in Iran.

Since December of 2017 the people have taken to the streets in protest for their various issues like: a lack of consistent wages, little or no drinking water - this was especially a concern in the recent hot summer months when temperatures have reached in excess of 40 degreed centigrade, unsatisfactory work conditions among many others.

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