In Isfahan, thousands of deprived farmers gathered at Khaju Bridge and the Zayandehrood dry riverbed. They demanded their water right and the opening of water flow to Zayandehrood and protested against the failure to implement the deceptive promises of the regime.

The protesters, among whom women had a very impressive presence, then marched toward Si-o-se Pol (33Pol Bridge) in a siege of repressive forces and pushing back the ranks of the mercenaries.

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The Independent reports that Nazanin Zagheri-Ratcliffe will start a 3-day hunger strike from the 14th of January along with fellow prisoner and activist Narges Mohammadi.

Ratcliffe had made many requests for medical attention and even appealed to the authorities but the authorities 'refused to address' these issues.

According to her husband, Nazanin had mentioned that she had noticed lumps in her breast but the prison refused to allow a doctor to see her.

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From the morning of Thursday, December 27, based on a previous call, teachers and educators of Isfahan gathered in front of the city's Education Department, this is while intelligence agents and state security forces threatened teachers in various ways not to participate in the demonstrations, otherwise, they would face consequences.

Since the morning, police and intelligence forces have been trying to prevent the formation of this protest rally by deployment in the streets around the Education Department.

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