Two juvenile offenders, Mohammad Kalhori and Shayan Saeedpour,  are at risk of imminent death in Iran, they are expected to be executed soon.

Mohammad Kalhori was sentenced to death at the age of just 15 even though a medical expert deemed him mentally unstable at the time of his offence. He ruled that Kalhori was suffering from depression at the time that he murdered his teacher in 2014.

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Amnesty International as reported on Iran's 'Year of shame' as there have been more than 7000 arrests following a crackdown on dissent during 2018.

"The Iranian authorities carried out a shameless campaign of repression during 2018, crushing protests and arresting thousands in a wide-scale crackdown on dissent, said Amnesty International, a year after a wave of protests against poverty, corruption and authoritarianism erupted across the country.

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