On Sunday, May 27, the nationwide strike of trucks and heavy vehicles drivers continued for its sixth day in spite of threats, pressures and various repressive measures by the Iranian regime. These protests have protests have now become virtually nationwide with protests reported in all of Iran's provinces.

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Deadly clashes erupted on Wednesday night (May 16, 2018) between residents and state security forces in Kazerun, south-west Iran, after the authorities launched a clampdown on a peaceful anti-regime protest in the city earlier in the day.

Reports from activists at the scene suggest at least three protesters were killed, dozens were injured and up to 150 were arrested as the regime attempted to stifle further dissent. In the course of clashes, a police station and a police vehicle were set ablaze.

Since the 16th May, several protests have broken out in cities across Iran. Workers and shopkeepers held protests and sit-ins in several cities, chanting slogans against the regime's officials.

Protesters took to the streets in cities including Mashhad, Islamshahr, Zanjan, Tabriz, Damghan and Bafgh.

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