Iran’s execution of three Kurdish prisoners, Ramin Hossein Panahi (22), Zanyar Moradi (29) and Loghman Moradi (31) at dawn on September 8, 2018, despite serious concerns regarding the use of torture, forced confessions and denials of access to counsel, represents a horrific violation of law and the right to life.

The three men were being held at Rajaee Shahr Prison in Karaj, 32 miles west of Tehran, but the executions took place in the capital, according to the statement by the Tehran Prosecutor’s office that was carried by Iran’s official news agency, IRNA.

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On 25th Aug 19, Anglo Iranian communities took part in an international conference in commemoration of the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988.

The meetings sponsored by Iranian communities in 20 major capitals in France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Romania and Canada, joined together in a video conference.

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On Friday, August 3, a young man from Karaj, Reza Otadi, was shot dead by the Iranian regime’s repressive forces during the demonstrations in the city, and a large number of protesters were also arrested.

On Saturday night, August 4, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Fars News Agency announced: “During last night riots in Karaj, one person was shot dead by unknown individuals, and 20 others were arrested. According to field observations of Fars news reporters, leaders of the riot were mostly selected from women this time.”

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