Iranian political prisoner Vahid Sayadi Nasiri has died after 60 days on hunger strike in protest to the denial of his rights and the inhumane conditions he was kept in, Iran Human Rights Monitor (HRM) reported.

Sayadi Nasiri, who went on hunger strike on October 13, was being held with ordinary criminals on a high-security section in Qom Prison while awaiting trial and, according to his sister Elaheh, he wanted to be moved to Evin Prison and housed with political prisoners.

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The brave workers of Ahvaz Steel started their thirty-second day of strike on Tuesday December 11 with a rally in front of the governorate of the regime in Ahvaz. Many workers had white shrouds on which slogans such as "We stand, we die, we do not accept humiliation" was written.

Workers were chanting: Lest we accept humiliation; neither threat, nor prison, they are no longer useful; student, worker, unity; imprisoned worker must be freed; imprisoned students must be freed; neither ruler nor the state, can overcome the worker; neither ruler, nor the state, think about the nation; liar Rouhani, where is your claimed key to solve the problems?"

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Amnesty International 4 Dec 2018: By concealing the fate and whereabouts of thousands of political dissidents who were forcibly disappeared and secretly executed in prison 30 years ago, Iranian authorities are continuing to commit crimes against humanity, said Amnesty International in a damning report published today.

The report Blood-soaked secrets:

Why Iran's 1988 prison massacres are ongoing crimes against humanity calls on the UN to set up an independent investigation into the mass enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings which have gone unpunished for three decades.

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