7th January 2023 - The Iranian regime executed 2 more imprisoned protesters, early today at dawn, in efforts to quell the ongoing nationwide uprising in Iran. The regime’s judiciary confirmed that the two men (shown in the picture L-R) Mohammad Mehdi Karami Seyed Mohammad Hosseini were arrested for taking part in the revolution that continues across the country.

The semi-official Mizan news agency, affiliated to the regime’s judiciary, reported that the two were executed for killing a member of the regime’s paramilitary Basij and blocking the Karaj-Qazvin expressway located west of the capital Tehran.

Amnesty International has said the trials “bore no resemblance to a meaningful judicial proceeding.” Many reports indicate the two were tortured into coerced confessions.

Karami and Hosseini were also found guilty of “corruption on Earth,” a term and charge that has been levied against others by the mullahs’ so-called judiciary and carries the death penalty. To this day four men are known to have been executed by the mullahs’ regime for taking part in the demonstrations that began in September. All have faced rapid and closed-door trials.

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