26 September 2022 - A new wave of national protests has erupted across Iran following the death of a Kurdish Iranian women by the name of Mahsa Amini (22) while she was in the custody of the so-called 'morality police.' On 13th September, Mahsa was arrested in the streets of Tehran because of not wearing her headscarf in accordance with the regime's strict hijab laws.

She was violently shoved into the police van and transferred to Vozara detention centre in Tehran. Within a few hours, police dropped her off at Kasra hospital, having fallen into a coma due to her injuries. With doctors not holding out hope for her survival, Mahsa died 3 days later on 16th September 2022.

Her death sparked protests, at first outside the hospital, with protesters shouting 'down with dictator', 'down with Khamenei.' Over the following days, protests went national and the crowds got much bigger.

The latest numbers show that protests have spread to 154 cities across all provinces of Iran. So far, 200 people have been killed, many as a result of gunshots by security forces, and over 10,000 have been arrested. Women have become the face of these protests as they stand up to the police in a daring way by removing their headscarves. Mandatory veiling was the first law imposed by the regime upon its inception in 1979 and it is intended as an oppressive tool to beat Iranian women down.

The following are some reports from protests in various cities:




- Protests are taking place in several districts, including Punak, Narmak, and Zaferaniyeh. Protesters are chanting “Death to the dictator!”

- Students of Tarbiat Modares University held protest rallies, demanding for the release of detained students and calling for others to join the nationwide protests.



- The regime has set up several checkpoint to inspect cars and to arrest people who are joining protests.



- There were heavy clashes between protesters and security forces and gunshots were heard.

- Students of the Dentistry College are on strike, demanding the release of detained students.



- People gathered in large numbers and called for regime change. The protesters were chanting, “We are all Mahsa! We will fight till the end!” and “Iranians would rather die than live in disgrace!”



- Protesters were chanting, “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or [Khamenei]!”



- There were intense clashes between protesters and security forces. Gunshots could be heard across the city as security forces were using firearms against protesters.

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