24th June 2021 - In an online conference by Iranian activists and witnesses to the 1988 massacre, human rights experts and jurists weighed in on the implications of Ebrahim Raisi becoming the Iranian regime’s president, and the role that the international community must play to hold the regime’s authorities to account for their crimes.

Witnesses to the massacre and families of victims in the UK also filed a lawsuit against Raisi on Friday 25th June against Raisi for past and ongoing crimes under international law via states exercising universal jurisdiction.

The first speaker of this event was Geoffrey Robertson, QC, who served as a UN appeal judge and President of the War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone from 2002-2007. Mr Robertson said: “This was indeed one of the greatest crimes against humanity, certainly the worst committed against prisoners since World War II. These kangaroo courts were not even courts at all. Raisi was one of the key figures of these trials.” “He was 28 at the time. He was the deputy prosecutor of Tehran. It was simply a body that directed people to the gallows if they were not prepared to renounce their opposition. Raisi’s guilt is not only a matter of public record. He has admitted that he was a member of the death committee,” he added.

“The UN will have to grapple with the fact that one of its members is led by an international criminal. Diplomats will have to be careful. They must never shake the bloody hands of this criminal. His presence in any international forum will damage that forum. It poses a problem that should first be addressed by the UN. They should go back and reexamine the events of 1988, the lies of Iran’s representative, and the role of Raisi in one of the worst crimes against humanity since the war,” Mr. Robertson said about the international community’s obligations.

The next speaker was Mr. Nick Fluke, a distinguished High Street Solicitor, and the President Emeritus of the Law Society of England and Wales, in which he has been a member for 16 years. “Raisi said on record that he was proud of his role in the massacre of political prisoners. This should be a wake-up call for all of us. We should not remain silent,” Mr. Fluke stressed.

Reza Fallahi, a former political prisoner, who resides in London, also joined this conference, sharing his thrilling experience in the regime’s dungeons, where he survived the 1988 massacre.

Mr. Tahar Boumedra, a former Chief Of The Human Rights Office Of The United Nations Assistance Mission For Iraq (UNAMI) And Legal Expert, was the last speaker at this event. “The JVMI is joining its voice to Amnesty International, and we are calling for Ebrahim Raisi to be investigated for his role in past and ongoing crimes against humanity and for the international tribunals to bring him to justice.”

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