According to recent reports, the Iranian regime is on the verge of implementing plans to destroy the sites of mass graves in Khavaran Cemetery. The plans are part of a much larger pattern whereby the Iranian regime has been destroying evidence of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners that took place over several months.

Based on the information we received from Iran, Iranian authorities are pressuring Baha’i families to bury their loved ones in the Khavaran burial site, therefore, putting the mass grave site at further risk of destruction, tampering with vital forensic evidence, and continuing to commit crimes against humanity.


The Khavaran mass gravesite, which is believed to contain the remains of up to several hundred victims of the mass enforced disappearances and secret extrajudicial executions of 1988, has been bulldozed multiple times in recent decades and has gained national significance in the struggle for truth and justice.

Immediately after receiving this news, AWYAF reported the information to Amnesty International. Many members of the association, who lost loved ones at the hands of the regime during the 1980s and particularly the 1988 massacre, have family members buried in these sites. The families of victims have signed petitions directed to the UN and Amnesty International urging them to condemn the actions of the regime and to put pressure on them to stop the destruction of these gravesites in the interest of seeking justice for the victims and holding the perpetrators of these crimes to account.

Amnesty International is banned from having its own headquarters in Iran and gets all of its information from human rights associations such as AWYAF.

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