3 Dec 2020 - In June 2018 the Iranian regime planned an attack on the Free Iran Rally in Paris. This annual grand gathering was organised by international Iranian human rights communities. It was attended by tens of thousands of Iranians and members of the world community gathered in support of the crowds including former Presidents, senators, lawyers, Congress members, intelligence agents and current and former MPs from both Houses of Parliament in the UK.

The main perpetrator of this plot was the so-called Iranian diplomat, Assadollah Assadi, residing in Austria. He along with his collaborators, a Belgian-Iranian couple, had planned to travel Villepinte, Paris (where the rally was being held) to explode a bomb at the event and kill or maim the as many attendees as possible. They were all apprehended and arrested by European authorities as they made their way to France. Their command came from the highest authorities of the Iranian regime and this is the first time that agents of the regime have been arrested and charged with terrorism charges and plotting to explode a bomb on European soil.

The three have since been jailed in Belgium. On Friday 27th November 2020, their first court date was set. Assadollah Assadi refused to attend the court but his collaborators were present as the proceedings began. This is the first time an Iranian official has been arrested for terrorism charges on European soil and it is absolute proof of the Iranian regime's abuse of power and diplomacy abroad. The world must surely now pay closer attention to the acts of the regime.

The regime does not tolerate dissent of any kind and this case proves that they will try to obliterate any opposition, both in and out of Iran. Even today, there are political prisoners in the regime's prisons who have been given lengthy prison sentences or even the death penalty for speaking out against officials.

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