27 October 2020 - Reports from inside Iran are showing that the condition inside prisons is worsening, which is a big worry for prisoners who have to endure the winter months inside the regime's prisons. 

Iran Human Rights Monitor has been told that authorities at the GTP have increased pressure on prisoners in section 2 of the Greater Tehran Penitentiary (GTP).

Inmates are reportedly being held in poor conditions, and that they lack sufficient access to food and hot water and basic sanitary supplies. A source has said that “Hot water has been cut off for two weeks in Section 2, where political prisoners arrested in November 2019 protests are being held. Prisoners have to shower with cold water in autumn, which results in bone disease, kidney pain, and the flu during the pandemic.”

The prisoners have also had to suffer from food shortages and are even told that they have to buy bottles of water if they wish. Bottles cost 30,000 rials which is more than most prisoners can afford since they are reliant upon what their families can bring for them, many of whom can barely survive on their income. While distributing food, each prisoner receives about 10-12 tablespoons of rice, and the prisoners have to make up for the food shortage at their own expense.

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