The Iranian regime’s state-run media reported on Wednesday, August 5, that Mostafa Salehi, a political prisoner arrested during the December 2017 nationwide uprising in Isfahan has been executed.

The regime carried out the death sentence of Mostafa Salehi against the backdrop of ongoing international protests to executions in Iran. This is further testament to the regime’s disregard for international values and norms.

The regime of Iran is notoriously renowned for making up scenarios and extracting forced confessions from political prisoners to justify their execution. State-run media claim that Mr Salehi had taken part in acts of vandalism and even shooting an unarmed man.


Less than two weeks ago, a worldwide twitter campaign, in which users tweeted 12 million times the hashtag #donotexecute, called for the halt of the death sentences for three youths arrested during November 2019.

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