In Iran and under the theocratic government, every dissenting voice will be suppressed. People with different political or religious beliefs – including Christians, Dervishes, Kurds, civic rights activists, women rights activists or even environmentalists – are got arrested.

Even those who expose the regime’s covertness in social media or launch humanitarian measures have got arrested by the regime in order to prevent the revelation of
their actions.

Several lawyers such as Mohammad Najafi, Nasrin Sotoudeh, etc. who had accepted to represent some of these people, have been charged also.

A while ago, many intellectuals sent an open letter to Khamenei and asked him to resign as the supreme leader. Later, they also got arrested and sent to prison. Meanwhile, the regime killed at least 1500 protesters and detained at least 12000 of them in the uprisings in October.

Prisons lack minimal sanitary equipment e.g. soap. Additionally, prisoners are kept in tight and overcrowded places. According to human rights organizations and human
rights activists, the number of prisoners is much more than the capacity of Iran’s prisons. As a result and based on reports, many prisoners in different cities have died
recently because of Corona.

Despite human rights’ communities and prisoner’s families appeal, the Iranian regime denies prison furlough to prisoners.

Prisoners in several prisons, such as Tabriz, Hamedan, Khorramabad, Saghez, and Ahvaz, protested this decision and the fact that there is not enough sanitary equipment in prisons. The IRGC responded to these legitimate demands by bullets which led to the death of many prisoners.

It seems that the regime is using the Corona situation as an excuse to massacre prisoners. Fortunately recently, thanks to the pressure from human rights organizations and activists, the regime was forced to release some prisoners, including Mohammad Najafi, Nazanin Ratcliffe, and Mahnaz Akmali. However, there are still many prisoners of conscience in prisons who are in danger of an imminent massacre. Therefore, we all need to be their voices and try to set them free by highlighting their cases.

Rouhani Executions
Under Rouhani