The coronavirus fatalities continue to rise in Iran as the regime is unable and unwilling to deal with the crisis. The number of coronavirus victims in Iran exceeded 7,000 as of Wednesday 18 March, with deaths reported from 199 cities across the country.

The real death toll is much higher than what the regime officially admits, which was exposed by satellite images confirming excavation of mass graveyards in the city of Qom, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

On Sunday, March 15, over 20 physicians and medical specialists from seven countries and three continents joined a special international internet conference focusing on the pandemic crisis in Iran and the reaction seen by the regime that has left the Iranian people defenceless.

Experts who have examined the scale of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran say that the regime’s response to the situation and the solution for solving the fundamental problems of the people.

As the corona crisis escalates, Hassan Rouhani has distanced himself from the Coronavirus issue since Ali Khamenei (regime Supreme Leader) assigned IRGC Major General Mohammad Bagheri, to run the "Health Command Center." In a disgusting comment, he said a poll taken from a few million people shows 97% do not have any sign of Coronavirus. In this way, Rouhani inadvertently admitted that three percent of the population, about 2.5 million people, are suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus. This is while, under his watch, the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday, March 14 that only 12,729 people were affected and on Sunday, March 15, it raised the number to 13,938.

On the other hand, a multitude of reports from inside Iran indicate that the predicament of doctors, nurses and medical staff has become quite alarming. Most are deprived of clothing and basic protective equipment. The number of medical staff who have lost their lives to Coronavirus, especially in Gilan and Mazandaran is rising steadily. The aid provided by the WHO and other countries has ended up in IRGC’s warehouses and allocated to special IRGC hospitals. Some of it is sold in the black market at exorbitant prices. 

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