The Express website published an article on the appalling treatment of political prisoners in Iran. Journalist Sam Stevenson noted some of the brutal torture techniques imposed on prisoners like rape and electrocution. Former political prisoners of the notorious Evin prison have reported 'blood-curdling' screams which can be heard all across the wards. In light of the recent nationwide uprisings which erupted in November 2019 due to 'backlash over a catalogue of regime failures', 12,000 protesters have been arbitrarily detained by the regime because of their political beliefs and participation in the protests.

The protesters were also furious with the lies they had been told by the regime surrounding details of the shooting down of the Ukrainian airliner in January. With the growing concern surrounding the treatment of these prisoners, Anglo-Iranian communities call on the UK government to work with their allies in the EU and UN to send fact-finding missions to Iran to investigate the extent of the arbitrary arrests and execution of protesters by the regime. They urge the UK government to formally recognised these as acts of crimes against humanity.

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