After appointing Raisi as Head of Judiciary, the regime in Iran went on to appoint Abdolreza Mesri as the Deputy Chairman of Parliament. Both of these men were members of the Death Committee of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran and even today they hold high ranking official places.

This goes the show that the atrocities of 1988 are not a forgotten matter, as the number of political prisoners is still rising and executions are an ongoing matter.

This news is made even more concerning since the names of 11 more political prisoners have been released in the last month, following on the 23 names released in April of this year. The 11 names are as follows:

Nematollah Hakimi Kiasarai, 46, Tehran

Salar Eskandarzadeh, 29, Tehran

Hamid Reza Haddadi, 36, Kermanshah

Dariush Hosseini, 65, Mahshahr

Mohammad Khatibnia, 28, Khorramabad

Reza Nabavi. 24, Semnan

Mohsen Hosseini, 23, with his two brothers, Neyshabur

Mahmoud Salami, 25, Neyshabur

Shokouh Majd, 55, Neyshabur

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