A senior spokesperson of the Iranian regime has said that the nationwide protests in Iran have spread to 160 cities since they began in December 2017. This exceeds previous figures of 147 cities.

In recent days there has been a continued surge of protests, demonstrations and strikes across many cities:

Kermanshah: Teachers resume protests over unmet demands - The teachers of Kermanshah returned to the streets and reiterated their demands in their demonstrations. Kermanshah is one of several provinces where teachers are regularly holding demonstrations.

The government has yet to respond to the demands of the protesters, which include the release of imprisoned teachers, payment of overdue salaries, and better opportunities for working and retired teachers.

In the past month, similar protests have taken place by teachers in other provinces, including Yazd, Isfahan and East Azerbaijan. In 2018, teachers and students went on strike on several occasions in protest to government corruption and the Iranian regime’s lack of response to their demands. Security forces have clashed with and cracked down on protesting teachers on several occasions.

In December, the repressive forces of the Iranian regime attacked protesting teachers in Isfahan with batons and pepper spray. But the teachers continue to persist in their protests and demands, and they’re garnering the support and solidarity of other communities and segments of the Iranian population.

Mashhad: Strikes by bus drivers of Sir Tous Drivers of the Sir Tous, a bus company from the private sector, went on strike on Saturday in protest to unpaid payouts. The drivers have gone on strike on several occasions in the past months. Unpaid wages have become an endemic problem in Iran and are triggering protests in various cities.

In the past months, workers, teachers, drivers and members of many other hard-working communities have held strikes and demonstrations in various cities in protest to unpaid wages. And like many other protests taking across Iran, the Iranian regime has responded not by trying to fulfil the demands of protesters but with crackdowns, arrests and torture.

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