From the morning of Thursday, December 27, based on a previous call, teachers and educators of Isfahan gathered in front of the city's Education Department, this is while intelligence agents and state security forces threatened teachers in various ways not to participate in the demonstrations, otherwise, they would face consequences.

Since the morning, police and intelligence forces have been trying to prevent the formation of this protest rally by deployment in the streets around the Education Department.

Subsequently, teachers, most of whom women, went to Darvazeh Dowlat street, in front of the municipality and gathered at Bagh Behesht Park. The suppressive forces attacked them with batons and pepper sprayed them. Demonstrations and clashes took place on the streets of Darvazeh Dowlat, Hasht Behesht and Bagh Behesht Park, and dozens of protesters were arrested.

The mercenaries attacked a woman filming the events to arrest her, but the people went to help her and escaped her.

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