Dec 17, 2018: Overnight, security forces raided the homes of the National Steel Industrial Group workers in Ahvaz, according to a report given by the Free Workers Union of Iran.

Security forces raided their homes without any warrants and began illegally attacking and detaining at least 28 workers although, those who were lucky enough to have not been at their homes were not found.

This news comes as the steelworkers in Ahvaz have gone on strike demanding better work conditions and the payment of their salaries which have not been given to them for months.

This was a deliberate attempt to scare and intimidate the workers into ending their strikes and protests, despite this, the Union has announced that they will continue with their protests which resumed just this morning after the raids were carried out.

The Union has strongly condemned this action by the security forces and has called on the people and human rights groups within the country to support them in their strikes.

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