On Saturday morning, November 17, the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Mill hard-working workers gathered in front of this complex and marched to the governorate office in dense ranks. Young people, students and workers' families participated extensively in the demonstration. Women played a significant role in front of the demonstrators.

This massive demonstration took place in spite of repressive measures and the creation of a climate of fear and terror, including the presence of scores of the special anti-riot and other repressive forces in the governorate and the city. The protesters chanted: “We are workers of the Haft Tappeh, we are hungry, hungry”, “Down with the oppressor, hail to the worker”, “Worker dies, does not accept humiliation”, “One less embezzlement, our problem will be solved!”, “The betrayal of the authorities must be announced”, “we do not want incompetent officials”.

Protesters, including students, carried handwritten banners reading: "We are children of Haft Tappeh , we are hungry”, “Dad gave water, Dad gave bread, is no longer our slogan; Dad gave his life” (the phrase 'Dave gave bread' is often the first phrase taught to young children in schools and has long become a symbol for a family's livelihood), “We do not want false promises, we want our rights.”

Meanwhile, workers of Ahvaz Steel protested the lack of payment of the past four months of salaries and payments for setting up production lines and receiving guaranteed occupational safety and payback. they chanted 'Our enemy is right here in Iran, The authorities lie and say it is the US' and 'Down with this deceiving government'

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