Following the continued national strikes by truck drivers across Iran, many arrests have been made with the claim that the strikers are unlawful in their actions. It has been announced by the authorities that at least 70 arrests have been made so far. 

According to ISNA news agency, on September 28th, Fars province’s attorney-general stated that 35 people were arrested on charges of “Security Disruption” in this province.

Ali Alghasi said: “Unfortunately, some truck drivers caused a disruption in transportation by either joining the strike or advertising it; these people will be charged and their actions will have legal consequences.” He added: “The enemy had plans to cause public dissatisfaction in order to stop services in different sections such as transportation.”

Qazvin province’s attorney general, Esmaeil Sadeghi had also stated that 15 people were arrested on Friday and according to his words “They had caused a disruption in transportation by shutting down the roads.”

Meanwhile, Esfahan’s attorney general, Ahmad Khosravi Vafa, confirmed that 13 protestors were arrested on Friday who tried to stop other truckers from doing their job.

Tasnim news agency, a private source that has strong links with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), published a video including confessions of a number of these arrested individuals, whom, their fathers are truck drivers and they were charged for trying to provoke the strike through social media.

Haji Reza Shakarami, Karaj’s attorney general also stated that 7 people were arrested for invasion of trucks and that they will be charged for causing conflict and controversy.

Iran’s attorney general, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, threatened the provokers who encouraged the truck drivers to go on a strike by causing panic and fear, will be charged for banditry. He stated that these crimes have heavy charges and the suspects might even be executed.

Other arrested truck drivers from other provinces have also claimed that trucks are being attacked and invaded. The most recent trucker’s strike that started last week is still ongoing.

Truckers’ requests include: designating the base fare according to Tons/Kilometer, decreasing truck, spare parts and tires costs by allocating government currency and cancelling customs charges, increasing truck fares, increasing drivers’ pension, improving road safety, reelecting members of the council of truckers and drivers by holding free elections, and developing facilities for drivers in terminals.

Strikes were supported by the General Confederation of labor, Italian labor unions and syndicate of bus workers in Tehran.

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