In the last week, more protests on a national scale have broken out across many cities in Iran.

Since December of 2017 the people have taken to the streets in protest for their various issues like: a lack of consistent wages, little or no drinking water - this was especially a concern in the recent hot summer months when temperatures have reached in excess of 40 degreed centigrade, unsatisfactory work conditions among many others.

In the early stages of the protests, plain clothed officers had infiltrated protests gathering information about the people. They would then go on to arrest the protesters secretly in the streets and imprison them. Despite this, the people persevere and continue their strong protests.

- To protest about unchanged transportation fees and increased costs, Iranian truckers have just started a new round of strikes. Increased truck tires and parts prices are among the major concerns of striking truckers who demand being provided with truck tires at subsidized prices. According to truck drivers, insufficient supply has led to a truck tire black market, with shortage of subsidized foreign currency for importing truck tires and/or insufficient distribution of imported tires to blame for.

- The frustrated people of Karaj protested from the afternoon of July 31 in Gohardasht First Square, with the slogans of: “High prices! Inflation! disaster of people; High prices! Inflation! we can not tolerate, death to the dictator; the nation is begging, Ayatollah (Khamenei) is the Lord." The Police repressive forces, riot guards, revolutionary guards and plainclothes murderers tried to disperse the people by attacking them and throwing tear gas into the crowd, but the youth struggled with resistance and skirmishes. Rebellious cities are joining ranks one after the other.

The cry by people who yearn for freedom is growing louder and the uprising is spreading by the minute. The suppressive forces used teargas, birdshots, and blank cartridges in an attempt to quell the uprising. Despite the wounding and the arrest of a number of protesters, the rebellious youth showed unity and perseverance in confronting the security forces.

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