Iran Regime’s Obsession with Power Creates the Worst Coronavirus Outbreak

Iran may now be the site of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreak. Official figures from the Iranian government suggest that the country is no worse than France in terms of the number of confirmed cases, and still well-behind China in terms of the number of deaths. But Iran’s totals are the product of a long-standing cover-up, which has seen dozens of Iranians arrested for exposing the truth and has slowed the international response to a worsening humanitarian crisis.

As more Iranians die on a daily basis, the regime has taken Iranian people hostage in pursuit of its policies, specifically an end or suspension to sanctions, rather than taking any action to help the people.

According to our resources in Iran Thursday, April 2, 2020, that the death toll for Coronavirus in 237 cities across Iran has risen to 15.500

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The coronavirus fatalities continue to rise in Iran as the regime is unable and unwilling to deal with the crisis. The number of coronavirus victims in Iran exceeded 7,000 as of Wednesday 18 March, with deaths reported from 199 cities across the country.

The real death toll is much higher than what the regime officially admits, which was exposed by satellite images confirming excavation of mass graveyards in the city of Qom, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

On Sunday, March 15, over 20 physicians and medical specialists from seven countries and three continents joined a special international internet conference focusing on the pandemic crisis in Iran and the reaction seen by the regime that has left the Iranian people defenceless.

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Minister of State Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon spoke at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. In his speech, he addressed human rights issues in Iran particularly with regards to the treatment of protesters during the recent uprisings. He explained "In Iran in November, we saw the most deadly crackdown against internal political dissent since 1979, and a near-total shutdown of the internet. Faith groups have also been targeted. We urge the Iranian authorities to release those detained, and to respect freedom of expression, religion or belief."

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