Narges Mohammadi, who was the spokeswoman and vice president of the League of Human Rights Defenders in Iran, during a recent visit with her mother, Ms Ozra Bazargan, told her of the tormenting moments she goes through in prison.

Ms Bazargan narrated: “Narges said that two days ago, one of her inmates had been hanged after six years on the death row. Execution victims are taken to a solitary cell and quarantined 24 hours before their sentence is carried out. And this time period is terrible psychological torture both for the victim and for her cellmates.”

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At its meeting on Monday 22 June, the UN Human Rights Council extended the mandate of Javed Rahman, the UN Special Representative for Human Rights in Iran, by a vote of 22 countries, for another year. Recalling the resolutions of the Human Rights Council since 2011, and Iran’s non-cooperation with the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly, while welcoming the Special Rapporteur’s report and recommendations on the human rights situation in Iran, the UN decided to extend the Special Rapporteur’s mission in Iran for another year.

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The Iranian regime’s Supreme Court has upheld death sentences issued for Amir Hossein Moradi (aged 25), Saied Tamjidi (aged 27) and Mohammad Rajabi (aged 25), three political prisoners arrested during Iran’s November 2019 nationwide uprising, according to a report published on Wednesday, June 24, on the Hrana website.

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