2nd September 2020 - Amnesty International recently wrote a report on the grotesque treatment of prisoners who were arrested for their participation in the 2019 popular uprisings in Iran.

"The report, Trampling humanity: Mass arrests, disappearances and torture since Iran’s 2019 November protests, documents the harrowing accounts of dozens of protesters, bystanders and others who were violently arrested, forcibly disappeared or held incommunicado, systemically denied access to their lawyers during interrogations, and repeatedly tortured to “confess”.

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The Iranian regime’s state-run media reported on Wednesday, August 5, that Mostafa Salehi, a political prisoner arrested during the December 2017 nationwide uprising in Isfahan has been executed.

The regime carried out the death sentence of Mostafa Salehi against the backdrop of ongoing international protests to executions in Iran. This is further testament to the regime’s disregard for international values and norms.

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The Iranian regime has halted the execution of three young men, Mohammad Rajabi, Saeed Tamjidi and Amirhossein Moradi, following a wide spread international pressure campaign.

A Farsi hashtag - meaning 'Don't Execute' - gained major momentum on social media platforms, apparently being tweeted 5 million times, calling for the regime to stop these executions.

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