On Saturday 31st July thousands of the Anglo-Iranian diaspora marched in London in support of the people's uprisings in Iran. This protest was the final in a series of 6 worldwide protests showing solidarity with the Iranian people and their nationwide protests in Iran.

Prominent politicians such as Matthew Offord MP, chairman of the British Committee for Iran Freedom; Struan Stevenson, coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change; Senator Catherine Noone, Deputy Leader of the Irish Senate; Senator Gerry Horkan of Ireland; Roger Godsiff MP; Paulo Casaca, former MEP; Brian Binley, former MP; Roger Lyons, former President of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in the United Kingdom and Denise Lester from The Law Society of England and Wales.

Senator Catherine Noone, Deputy Leader of the Irish Senate and lawyer, pointed out the gross violations of human rights by the mullahs in her speech to the Free Iran rally. Among other issues, she said in her speech, “The misogyny of the regime is not hidden by any means and any of us female leaders throughout the world who support the Iranians are particularly disgusted and find this abhorrent. It deprives women of their very basic rights and humiliates them in public for crimes such as riding bicycles or mal-veiling or wearing colorful clothes…

Dr. Offord was among numerous lawmakers and personalities that addressed the rally. He told the chanting crowds: “The decision by world powers to decouple human rights and terrorism from the nuclear deal was a mistake and missed opportunity.

Speakers from the Anglo-Iranian community also took to the podium including Sina Adhami and Rana Rahmanfard from the Anglo-Iranian Youth Association. They told the Free Iran rally, “We are a generation who have never seen our homes, whose parents were tortured and executed by the mullahs, whose brothers and sisters are being beaten on Tehran’s streets and attacked by the mullahs’ thugs. The Iranian regime has failed in suppressing us… “The people are rising across Iran. They have one clear message: The mullahs’ regime must go. This regime has only brought pain and hardship for the Iranian people and their neighbours. We show our support for the youth in Iran. You are strong and steadfast and you are an inspiration to us all… “Victory is ours. The future is ours.”


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