Members of the Anglo-Iranian communities gathered in front of Downing Street, London, in a bid to urge the Prime Minister to place pressure on the Iranian regime to release the detained steelworkers in Iran. The workers have entered their seventh week of strikes and protests in the country's southern Khuzestan province.

They called for better changes to their working conditions as well as the payment of wages previously unpaid for the last 6 months.

The regime retaliated by raiding the homes of the workers in the middle of the night and arresting dozens of workers who have so far remained in jail without just cause.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) also expresses 'deep solidarity with the workers of INSIG Ahvaz.

At Downing Street, the protestors called on the PM to put pressure on the Iranian regime to release the workers who were unlawfully arrested with their family members also gathering outside the prisons calling for their release. Despite increasing pressure put on the strikers and protesters, the workers have vowed to continue their efforts for the release of their friends and co-workers.

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